Ongoing Covid continues ….

Lockdown was over and we feared a second wave! The kids went back to school the uni students came back oh and the pubs opened and life started getting back to normal well normal ish! Yes the number of cases began to rise as expected , the students partying together are spreading the virus however they are in the healthiest age group so they don’t really have the same fear as the venerable or older generations ! They have a sense of living and being untouchable like all young people of that age group.

Lidl is packed out that sends a wave of worry over my Brain. The government are inducing a 3 tear system of lock down, like our friends up north in new castle they are already locked down not able to go out or socialise. We’re as us down south can only meet in groups of 6 this means I could see 5 people then Move on and visit another 5! It really doesn’t make much sense to me . I can attended a Zumba class inside with 22 other people inside my own 2 meter box which has been taped to the floor , yet I can’t have my family around for tea!

We’ve had to cancel out family annual weekend away to centre parcs as we can’t be in a holiday house over 6 people, this really fills me with sadness we’ve been holidaying there consecutively for 20 years . We all look forward to this brake just after Christmas carrying on that festive spirit all being together really matters to us.

Christmas may not be same too and I have resided to the fact this year I will cook my very own Christmas diner ! For The first time ever, how I’ve managed to get away with it for 48 years is beyond me. I am actually looking forward to the challenge, but not looking forward to being away from my parents and family, we’ve decided to all meet up Boxing Day and go for a family walk, well the dogs need walking and that’s my excuse.

Halloween will also be cancelled this year, I know being a Christian it’s kinda against my religion but I love dressing up the house and ourselves and handing out sweets to the kids, it’s really busy on my street, we can’t hand out sweets for the fear of spreading the virus , we will dress up and I will decorate the house I just won’t answer the door ! This year we plan to watch spooky kids movies eat popcorn and sweets !

Thomas birthday has been restricted to 6 people, no hiring of the hall for a few hours of craziness with all his friends, this year I took him and his 3 best mates to the trampoline park, drive through McDonald’s and home for some football and chance for them to just hang out, it was actually really nice and none of them wanted to go home, but I worried about the effect it might have in him, he’s asked for the family to come to tea but we have to limit this also and now having family around in shifts. I just hope next year we can all be together for these occasions.

So many things have been stolen from us since March , our lives have changed. It’s now mandatory to ware a mask in a shops or you risk being fined or rejected. I haven’t worn lipstick for months as all you can see is my eyes , I’ve lost my identity, my sister in law has also developed eczema in her face due to waring a mask all day at work.

This week a 3 tier national measures will be put into place, very high, high, medium risks. This will happen in regions of risk in the country. Bringing areas of complete lockdown and introducing new restrictions To stop the spread of the disease. Wales has been locked down but is here in England carry on as business as usual, in the south that is, up north the government battle with Manchester to adhere to the new system but they have refused, yet they have the highest rate of covid in the country. The council and mayor worried about the economy and closing businesses they wanted more money from the government and they said no.

Covid as now come closer to home, with a local reception class in isolation after the teacher tested positive, one of the children live in my street and was out playing with Thomas, when she should have been isolating! I wasn’t happy ! Now my nephew has been tested positive up in London he’s at uni in Ealing, and his whole shared house group has it. He’s already been in lockdown for two weeks due to one of the rugby squad tested positive, looks like he’s had two weeks out and now they all have it, luckily he’s very healthy and he says he’s ok, he doesn’t want to worry anyone. one of my dear friends has just messaged me she’s tested positive after he daughter was ill and hospitalised a week ago with it, he daughter is now home and is ok.. so this is becoming very real now.

I’m still living in fear but like Rob says we have to have it at some point ! It definitely Seams that way, I think if you don’t have it that will be a rare occurrence!

So keep hand washing, gelling your hands, and waring those masks, be careful and be as safe as you can be. Don’t rely on others to be as careful as you are. Take care of yourselves. X

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