When will we learn!

So we are now heading into our 11th week of lockdown

Things are becoming more slack, we can meet up to 6 people as from today but this means grouping of 6 people from one house hold or so I thought?

Where as before you could only meet one person = one parent ! Now you can meet both..

In England, groups of up to six people from different households can gather outside, in parks or private gardens.

The overall advice remains “stay at home” as much as possible. But some non-contact outdoor sport is allowed – although rules vary across the UK.

People in England can now exercise outside with up to five others from different households. As long as people stay 2m (6ft) apart and practise good hand hygiene. This confuses me a little as they stated from the beginning that exercise causes people to pant and breath heavily making the air thats expelled to go further and scientist said we should be at least 5 meters apart when running as others could get the backlash of expelled air! I know being outdoors makes a huge difference but still, when I’m running I’m panting like a dog on a hot summers day.

Thing is people have been doing their own thing now for weeks, Thomas and I went for a walk with my parents and used social distancing, which is really hard I haven’t hugged my parents for 14 weeks now. It was a well needed catch up and I felt so much better for it afterwards, my mental health felt restored and of course we walked through the Glastonbury festival site and had our packed lunch in the healing fields that also helped to calm the Glastonbury blues.

Last week we met the family at the park for fish and chip supper, we all spaced out more than two meters apart on our own individual blankets. Mum and dad collected the supper from the chippy on the way, Rob however wasn’t pleased with me for doing this. As we are only meant to meet 1 person, I knew it was wrong to do, and I made sure we kept well apart and used hand gel and wipes, I’ve become a little OCD about it, but then that’s not a bad thing, could be what saves my life from covid.

We can only rely on ourselves to stay safe , at least I know where we have been and I trust my family members to protect themselves and be safe so that if we do meet up for a picnic tea we can all rest assured that if they felt unwell they wouldn’t be there !

I felt a sense of guilt and worry afterwards as I then set the count down clock in my brain for 7 days! We have been so good, and I’ve realised that we have to look after ourselves, we all have different ideas and standards and interpretations for the laws. I am longing to go to the beach And I even thought about it, Thomas is longing to go crabbing, rob said let’s go to Kingsbridge for the day go crabbing and come back!but we all know it’s not right! And of course we won’t go why would we go where everyone else is? So I can only dream of Salcombe and holidays.

We are waiting for a second wave of this pandemic, people are still dying, And watching the news and the stupid people all cramming into Durdle door bay, stupid idiots jumping off the door and the air rescue called out as some seriously injured, I watched a video of everyone cheering these lads on to jump in ! I am outraged at the human race. not only are they acting like idiots they are all crammed together whilst the helicopter lands on the beach… why are we doing this to ourselves these selfish people putting others at risk, it was stated in the news that 40% of hospital staff in Weston super mare have covid and they don’t have any symptoms?? So why would you risk going to the beach! Can you trust a stranger not to have it! Remember individually we pass it on to another 10 people so I’m waiting for the numbers to rise again in the next couple of weeks. We are now at 39,000 deaths in the UK the second highest rate in the world ! How on earth is this possible, we must really be doing something wrong ? The scientists are warning that we are ending the lockdown to soon! Yet our government keep stating they are following the scientists guidance. That’s a whole other story how our government is a pile of cow shite…

Today’s news 7 members of staff at a school contracted covid ! God only knows how this is going to work opening the schools back up to reception, year 1s and year 6s, I could understand opening for the older age group as they would be more likely to social distance , how can you expect 4-6 year olds abide by the rules! Our school opens next week I feel sorry for the teachers and staff who are working hard so that our children can go back to school! For what reason? Because you’ve had enough of being a parent and need a brake? thats what most people will say. Ok Thomas has been to school we are both key workers even though I’m Not physically going to work i still have e-learning and on line work to do, I was fed up of him being glued to the tv and Xbox and he really does thrive on social interaction with other kids, he loves it and begged me to send him back to school. There was only 14 kids at the school and he was in a class of 4-5 people, they had a desk each with two meters spacing, they eat at the desk and they didn’t get close to each other they watched movies, made art and had fun all day.

I’ve been through the down phase of Groundhog Day and the repetitiveness of live, but I have to tell myself I am lucky I am not putting myself in danger by going to work and seeing patients, I am being paid to stay at home and look after my son. This is what matters his mental health his security and love. He said to me mum I’m so happy you don’t have to work, you shouldn’t ever go back to work because your job is to look after me, this brought a tear to my eye, he is so right. His words reassured me that I am right where I am supposed to be.

So I look to the future with a little caution I can’t see how life will ever be the same again, this virus is never going to be gone completely, will I be waring a mask now and forever when I go shopping ? Will I ever stand in a field with one hundred and fifty thousand people at Glastonbury festival ever again? I really don’t know.

We watched the space x Dragon taking off it was an awesome sight, fills you will hope and admiration for the brains behind such a huge task, then Thomas said “mum they weren’t social distancing were they?” I said “no your right!” He said “do you think they have isolated before going into space?” This made me think gosh what of one of them has just contracted it and is now up in space with no help ! That is a thought…

It’s lift off
Long walks
Glastonbury festival day out

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