The Land of the Free

The more I listen to the news I realise that we are not really free to do as we choose! To say what we want, or to believe what we want.

A war is looming I can feel it, with the likes of the idiot Donald trump, making blatant racism remarks to the Asian journalists.. stating China is to blame for covid and pointing his finger at her. How can the American people listen to his drizzle and lies and still think he is amazing. He has lied over and over again and is not being held accountable. I see a war between America and China in the near future.

It’s been said that China created this virus in a laboratory I had heard the rumours or theory’s and then Trump announces he has evidence to support it, I started to believe the hype and I could understand why it would target the elderly population as they are costing the nhs millions of pounds because of science we are keeping them alive well over their years, and the outcome is hospitalisation and medication that costing us a packet. How we this is in humane it’s our fault they are living longer not theirs. If this is true and China made this virus then we really are not in control of our own lives and we are positively doomed. What will be next ! Chemical warfare or is this the start!!

I really do feel like we are building up and up to a huge blow. Nothing but misery and dispare on a daily basis. We are yet to face brexit that was a hard few years the unknown the sheer surprise that this is what people are voting for ! Then the dam virus hits us, only god knows how we are ok going to survive all of this. And this isn’t the end of it, I fear that the bad stuff will keep on coming and and another mountain will be thrust upon us to climb.

my heart is heavy with the fact we have reduced omissions and the ozone layer is repairing itself the world is healing, and give it a few week us humans will be up to our old tricks and ruining this beautiful planet of ours this fills me with my teenage dread. I last felt like this when I was 13 years old and animal cruelty was a huge issue I would cry myself to sleep worrying about the animals , I become a vegetarian because of it, which 40 years in and I’m still a vegetarian.

Now saving the earth is the thing that wakes me up in the middle of the night… this is our world people!! What are we doing to it, yet I feel my small voice will never be heard. The rich own this world of ours and they decide how to pollute our land whilst they become zillionaires. How we are blind to the fact that by making solar panels and so say bio energy they are damaging our planet even more, and that’s just in making these things! I love this world I love this planet its our life our home…

I feel I am lost in the loud noise of high pitched frequencies, just like my tinnitus forever drowning in my head. How can I save this world. How can I save the polar bears, how can I save the human race?

We’ve become to advanced and we have evolved into monsters, wanting more and more with out a thought of anyone else, empathy will be a thing of the past, all we hear is lies. We want the truth. I am supposed to have freedom of speech but as I’ve seen to many of my friends on Facebook once they start unraveling conspiracies theory’s they get shut down and posts are taken off! What’s that all about. We are being manipulated daily by the media, we are being told how to behave and act by the government, keeping us in a state of fear so that they can control us! Is that living ? Is that being free….

Honestly I don’t listen to the news anymore it’s filled with doom! Nothing good is ever on the news. I noticed this about 10 years ago, I watched the morning news religiously, one day I woke up and though I can’t watch this shite anymore, it’s making me depressed all doom and gloom all the time, so I stopped watching. My husband listens to the radio news channels all the time, so it’s on in the back ground, he gets angry over stuff and I’m like why! Why listen to it. Left wing right wing who flipping cares anymore. The who government process is farcical who can we trust and believe in anymore ?

I’m completely fed up with it… our children have become desensitised, nothing scares them anymore, death and destruction are normal.

We are not evolving in a good way. Things are changing rapidly. Our grandparents have seen huge changes to the world living through war, now a pandemic. My generation has seen huge changes to life the electronic world , HIV pandemic and covid 19 , we’ve lived in a world without mobile phones or computers for goodness sake.

I pray for my great grandchildren I hope we start to get it right for their sakes

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