Well I feel like fraud, I stood on a rusty nail which went though my trainer and Pearced the skin! You know the story rusty nails = tetanus injection!

So In light of what’s going on in the world and Covid , here I am sat in A&E at the minor injuries unit! Not what I wanted for a weds eve.. ironically I was on the driveway putting up the giant rainbow NHS sign Thomas had painted up by the shed so it could be seen! And bam I felt a pain in my foot and i instantly realised I had stood on a Nail. As I had to prise my shoe from the ground ! We had only talked about it last week being careful as the driveway has become a scrap yard of wood nails metal and junk!

And I was so careful last week helping rob to build the new wooden fence up on the driveway!

I can’t believe how stupid I am and what a waste of NHS time ! I rang the GPS surgery to check if my tetanus was up to date and apparently it’s not! I thought I was covered for life after having at least 3 injections in my lifetime, but the last one was in 2006 and they only last 10 years. They booked me in for a jab in the morning and the receptionist said I will just run it past the nurse first. So a call back later said I must go to minor injuries! I tried so hard to get out of going to the hospital.

But the nurse then rang me up and said I must go and follow protocol, they may want to wash it out or check I haven’t split a ligament, I only pearsed the skin, as being a nurse the first thing I did was try and make it bleed! And a tiny weeny bit of blood appeared not even a proper drop, I washed my foot and squeezed and squeezed again as you do, and I applied some alcohol gel for good measure. So I know it’s not a deep wound just a puncture wound.

So I am now sat waiting for my turn ! I pray it’s not going to take long as Rob is on call and he’s at home with Thomas.

I was seen by the nurse who said I’d had done the right things,of course I did I have faith in my abilities to know what to do or if it was bad, which it’s not, I have to wait for a jab and that’s me done.

I felt very embarrassed that with the nursing team working hard to save life’s and I’m here with a puncher wound, I apologised more than once, and she said oh no don’t apologise that’s what we are hear for, I said I’m wasting your time, she reassured me I wasn’t, I had tried very hard to have the jab at the doctors in the morning.

I am leading the lady’s prayer group tomorrow and Rachel asked me if I need help, I was waiting for god to give me something to talk about and then this happened…

I thought about why I’m here waiting in the Ruh for a tetanus jab.

I apologie 3-4 times to the nurse saying sorry for wasting her time, she made me feel comfortable and said no don’t apologise that’s what we are here for, I said yes but your saving lives and fighting covid is more important than my little puncher wound.

This made me think… the waiting room sign made me reflect on gods words to me it’s all in my time not yours and that’s how the waiting room felt, it’s in their hands not mine, sometimes it’s hard giving up that control even if it’s waiting in a waiting room for a tetanus jab.

We control every part of our lives in one way or another, some of us need to be in complete control, and others don’t mind going with the flow. That’s what god wants us to do , is to give up the control and let him lead the way. I understand that this can be very alien to some, but fighting against it will only cause more anxiety and the path will take longer to reach.

Remember god is love , he won’t make us wait any longer than is nesasary maybe there is a lesson to be learnt, and until we learn it we can’t move forward, god however is unchanging, this we can take comfort in, he remains the same the stable loving father who wants the best for his child. Why would he make you wait to long if this would effect you in a negative way, he wouldn’t because that’s not love, he doesn’t want to harm us, he wants to protect us, nurture us and love us.

Like the nurse said to me that’s what we are here for ! God doesn’t choose who matters to him or not , we are all equals he loves us all the same, he doesn’t have favourites, even the small things matter to him, my puncher wound matters just as much as a covid patient. There maybe comparisons and my nursing head says this is so minor in comparison to someone who could be dying, but what the point is, is that my little puncher wound matters and I matter just as much in gods eyes. This thought hit home while sat in a&e waiting for the tetanus jab to be administered. God loves us all, all of our problems worries anxiety’s matter to him and it’s ok to pray for the small things and ask him for help, because he wants to help, he wants to be our father and care for us no matter what.

When chaos is happening all around us there are people dedicated to covid and there is still people tending to the small things like me. Thank you NHS for not judging but loving is all.

The waiting room

I read out my little thought for the day to my lady’s prayer group and one lady said it’s very profound that you stepped on a rusty nail! Seeing that Jesus was nailed to the cross… this sent a weird vibe down my spine and I though omg that’s just awesome ……

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