Groundhog Day

Wow now where did April go! The spring the bounce In your step, the anticipation of new beginnings and a new season! Easter and all the fun things that go with it, Easter holidays and the first holiday of the year! Well April passed that still happened but everyday was a version of Groundhog Day!

Gosh it’s so repetitive this getting up everyday for what ? Can’t go to work can’t take the kids to school, can’t have a life, so what we sleep in a little and take our time over home schooling, or do it as fast as we can because the kids don’t like you as their teacher and refuse to do the work. thats an uphill struggle even that has now become a chore after 6 weeks of lockdown. I started with such flare and enthusiasm.

The sun was shining it was a very hot April thank god for that because this meant playing and lazing in the sun in the back garden. Now May has arrived and it’s been drizzling for over a week! This changes your mood. I feel like i am developing a pressure sore on my arse! I never sit for long, so much to do with not enough time. Now I’ve done everything I wanted to and caught up with stuff I never had time to do and now I sit a lot! I am becoming lazy and even fatter than ever. I have started running again started the couch to 5k I’m in week 3! And joe wicks PE classes seems to be the only thing that is motivating me to get out of bed In the mornings , well he is very kind to the eye. I never thought i would say this but I am ready to go back to work, I’ve had enough of this repetition. I don’t know what day of the week it even is , we’ve lost track of days and time and routine.

I went to work for One day in full PPE my god I was hot, the mask and goggles and plastic apron. I could feel myself melting away, the patients appreciated it, and they never even mentioned the fact that we looked like something out of a cleanliness freak show. It was rewarding the first day back to a new job and the first day back to work after 6 months off. It restored my faith in nursing again, that is a blessing. I am in a good place, even if I’m in Groundhog Day. I just cant wait for life to start again.

I think I will feel reborn I think we all will, we will come out of our caves into the sunlight, having life changing experiences, having time to appreciate life, our family and friends our jobs our community’s. We have recharged , reconnected with the world. I think we have all learnt what is important, we know what’s of value and what to get rid of , and the world as we know it will be different. I am hoping that we will look after our planet a bit more after this, and look after human kind and appreciate our national health service our doctors and nurses, the gas men the bin men the people who made sure the shops had food on the shelves , so those who have gone unnoticed I applaud you all. We are all important in this thing called life.

I raise a glass to a new birth, a new dawn a new day and a new life. lessons have been learnt, blessings have been recognised we have all grown and changed, we know now what matters, and if you haven’t figured it out yet then I suggest you take a long hard look at your lives and be thankful . For you live to see another day when 28,000 UK people have died.

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