Sitting in the afternoon sunshine, the warmth fills me with contentment, the brightness of the sun shines upon my face and I feel uplifted I feel that life is good, I’m topping up my vitamin D stores that are long needed, after a long winter. Sunshine makes you feel happy, makes you feel better and that summer isn’t far away . Those long summer evenings of light, the sent of bbqs and family’s and friends hanging out, drinking socialising.

I wonder how this summer is going to be ? Will we be able to make it to the beach, once we are will it be crowded with folk who like me are desperate to be in a holiday destination. I can pretend I’m on holiday now in my back garden, but it’s not the same as sitting in sand and listening to the sea roar.

I long to be in Salcombe or st ives dipping my toes into the sea, sleeping in the caravan the outdoor life. I really hope this will happen this year, but the fear of being in crowded places will effect us all, I have a feeling that life as we know it is going to be different from here on out. No more summer concerts or festivals..that depresses me most no Glastonbury seeing my hero Paul McCartney! Or getting the chance to see Keane and madness at Westonburt, I have been looking forward to that ever since I bought the tickets.

I will have to pretend in my back garden, my haven my space. My garden has become my sanctuary and I really love this space, I love it more than I did before and I’m so grateful to have such a large grassy area.

Another 3 weeks in lockdown at the least which will take us up to May. No may bank holiday weekends away ! It’s so depressing. I live for my weekends and holidays away that’s what makes all the hard work worth while, spending that quality time with family and loved ones. Being away from the normal day life, home is refreshing. I hope this will happen again some time soon.

Really going to miss my Glastonbury family this June, it’s strange not planning and making stuff ready for this years festival, I would be up to my eyes in it now. I miss the majestic vibes of the summer, music flowing on the breeze, happy faces all around, gosh I really do love it. I will appreciate it even more next year having this year off, that’s if such things will be able to take place! Who knows what’s going to happen to life after this.

Roll on the summer with the hope of freedom and liberation and a hippy sense of love and peace !

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