Listening to god

So I’ve learned that god talks to you in a way that will suit you. Like having children some understand what your saying first time and others maybe a second time or some need a different approach altogether. When god speaks its individual approach, it’s Taylor made to suit your ears.

I used to think that god wasn’t talking to me and I was left alone to deal with my issues, now when I look back I had signs telling me not to worry I got this, I had clarification from friends telling me this time off from work is right and for me to get back to myself, I went to the doctors and I prayed in the car before hand, asking for The doctor to take charge and guide me, I did feel as if I could go back to work I asked the doctor to take the lead and she said I wasn’t ready yet! Didn’t want me to run to fast incase I fell and would suffer a set back, she said go on holiday and rest, recover and recharge and this will do you the world of good. I left there with another sick note and I sat in the car and cried and gave thanks to god for taking the lead as I really didn’t expect that to happen again.

I spent 6 months praying over this situation and I didn’t hear a word, until about a month a ago I heard this voice say this is your time now. Everything is done in my time not your own. Be patient sit back. So I did just that. Whilst sitting back I had two job interviews, I knew That at I couldn’t return to my old job to much water had passed to much hurt and the wounds are still raw, and friends told me the same thing how could I after the way they have treated me. So I looked for new jobs, the first one was a practice nurse job I wasn’t that bothered but felt it would be good practice, anyway I got the job! I couldn’t believe it, I felt worthy and wanted that I was good enough, however the money was bad and the prospects weren’t as good, so I held out. The other interview was a week later, for a dermatology nurse working in the community, I prayed about this and it felt exciting, so I said to god you lead the way. If I meant to go back to my old job then so be it. I give myself to you. In the waiting room a lady became out who looked the part almost up herself , she said are you hear for the interview I said yes! With a sarcastic voice and a pat on my back she said good luck! I felt the life drain out of me and I thought ok that’s it I’m not in the running. She has just been interviewed as the young chap who came to get me told me as much. Afterwards reflecting on the call back telling me I got the job I knew instantly this was the devil trying to steal my moment , which in turn made me realise that this was where god wants me to be! I didn’t ask about the pay or holidays etc I just felt this was right. Later I received an email telling me The wages were the same as mine and the holiday was great! They wanted me as soon as they met me and this was a brand new post which I will be making my own! How exciting. Lots of little affirmations have happens to me since,

In New Zealand music in the car before flying to the South Island made me feel god was with me in This journey which filled be with hope and I felt comforted.

podcasts of daily prayer has moved me to tears, and I knew this was taking to me, the lady in America who I’m listening to , her husband was 50 on the same day as rob ! I felt yes this is what I should be listing too today as I felt connected,

Today morning has broken playing in the bar, little ways in which god speaks to me, as in felt instantly uplifted and not alone. I have learned that I’m quick to ask without being patent I have to wait. Each morning since two days before my interview I have asked god to go before me and set the way, and he’s done just that. I also realise that I have to listen to daily prayer podcasts and bible everyday, as that’s how being close to god happens, I have to put in some work too! It doesn’t fall on my plate and I want him to be pleased with me and see that I am trying. Instead of just asking ! (Taking)

believing in god is a two way street. Since I have been doing these things I’ve felt connected to him again, and I haven’t felt that in a long time. That’s because I wasn’t trying I was going to church and going through the motions but not following it up.

I went up for communion and felt this overpowering feeling of pain and hurt I knew this was for someone in the church and when I caught a glimpse of this person I felt it hit me in the heart, I asked the vicars wife to read out what god was saying to me not mentioning any names and I had complete clarification from that person afterwards how they were broken and in pain, I knew at the moment that god Spoken to me to give her a messages directly for her and I felt amazing for days afterwards , that god is real. And I was chosen to pass on that message.

God may speak to me in a sunbeam piercing through the clouds that looks spectacular and breathtaking, it maybe a bird singing or a song on the radio ? Or in a podcast the difference is I’m willing to hear now .

Before this mega holiday I was extremely anxious about the whole thing flight etc and I went to church that last Sunday before and prayed, this amazing image came into my mind how the aeroplane was covered in glitter and rainbows were coming out of the engines it was like a party plane. Then I could see two hands holding the Plane like a child holding a toy, gods hands guiding the way. Then I saw a giant sun which turned into a flower and the petals moved around it like some kind of seventies movie, with the words relax, regenerate, recharge and release. I felt completely sure this holiday was going to be great and the flight was like having a party on the plane! The morning of leaving I was dancing around in the kitchen I had no anxiety about it, Rob was the one who was anxious. In fact the flight wasn’t to bad and I felt great. Infact that night on the plane it was very dark and the ceiling had tiny white lights like stars, like glitter I smiled to myself thank you god for reminding me the plane was covered in glitter.

We waited almost 3 days for a helicopter flight over the glaciers as the weather was bad, raining and fog and lots of cloud , we had booked a flight on our last evening there in hope but it was cancelled we also provisionally booked a flight on the morning that we were leaving just in case the weather decided to change , after our flight was cancelled that eve we went for a ice cream Sunday, Whilst sitting in that bar, Rob felt down we had missed out on Milford sound because of the floods and he convinced himself the flight would be cancelled too, it was certainly looking that way, then from the bar the song morning had broken started to play, I sat and listened to the song and I said to rob don’t worry the flight will be on in the morning , God is telling us so. That next morning was the most glorious day we had seen, the sky’s were clear no rain or cloud and we did get that flight ! And it was the most magical thing I have ever experienced.

Rob says but these things are coincidences ! I argue against that ! Yes it may feel like one but really I know it’s god. That’s what believing is , is coincidences it’s bumping into that person you haven’t seen in ages that you thought about yesterday !

It’s in the bird song , the sunsets the stars. the way god talks to you is individual, he will speak to you in a way that suits you. If you stop and listen you might just hear him.

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