So after Thomas suspected covid Rob and I had chest pains and hot flushed faces for about 10 days. We isolated ourselves for 14 days as the government requests, in this time our a prime minister Boris is in hospital with covid! And you just can’t imagine what that would mean to the country. So many opinions and theories and scare mongering on social media, I have given up watching the news or listening to the radio. It’s so depressing there is only so much disappointment, depression a person can take in one day.

The only thing I kind of watch is the 5pm daily PM updates, as Rob listens intently to what’s going on I’m trying to silence it out. I want to know yet I don’t. I can’t control it and I can’t change it. It’s causing me anxiety and fear and that’s not healthy. self isolation has been good and a little part of me doesn’t want it to end, even though we are still told to maintain social distancing and not to go out only for essentials or work, this week I can hear a change in the traffic I can feel that people are starting to come back out. Rob said the roads were busy today!! WHY

The government said this will last another 3 weeks or so and if we start to go out they won’t be able to monitor the virus properly and it will increase again. Only 14,500 people have died so far !!! I just wish people would take this seriously. In fact I wished the government Had in forced a complete lock down until further notice.

I started my new job ! Well I can’t physically be there so I am doing e-learning at home until I can start my dermatology clinics. I’m so looking forward to it. I’m grateful that they are paying me. Life this past 4 weeks have been filled will football and painting, and sickness and home schooling. I’ve learnt how to crochet and I am making a blanket which I’ve now ran out of wool and waiting for an delivery !

I’ve painted that picture of Constantine beach for my best friend which I promised I would do last summer. I’ve decorated the hall way by painting and wallpapering. I’ve started running again! And doing keep fit daily. Every Friday we have fancy dress Friday ! Well I dress up any excuse to do something different.

I had two falls in one week! The dog pulling me both times I slipped on a slimes patch whilst trying to avoid someone ! Second time was the first day out of isolation Thomas and I decided to go for a walk to pets at home as Buddy’s collar is two small, we got half way there same story crossed the road to avoid a person and the dog pulled me I tripped over Thomas foot and bang straight down in my right side ! The pain I just sat there and cried I couldn’t believe it. It took us three times longer to get back home , with me hobbling all the way. I really don’t want to venture out again it’s not worth it. So even keep fit has been halted for a few days as I’m in to much agony to try a squat!

I’ve made cookies and cakes and eaten so much chocolate! God only knows what’s happened to my waist line ! And now I’m fed up and bored. I miss my freedom and the carefree attitude we had. I do miss the beach and this Easter we had planned to go off in the caravan but of course this didn’t happen. I miss Tuesday night family tea, but we still meet up on zoom every Tuesday and that’s just as fun , just miss physical contact with my parents and family. I hated not being able to be there for my step daughter or even give her a hug.

The weather has been glorious and we’ve had Easter and an Easter egg hunt and painted eggs ! we’ve put up a tent and Rob and Thomas slept in it one night, I’ve had a sleep over in Thomas bedroom, we’ve repainted the garden gnomes. have topped up my New Zealand tan. And I dyed my hair Pink as you do !

Today its raining and I am soooo bored of being indoors. The only consolation is that we’ve found an app called TikTok so we’ve been acting out and making little videos ! Oh the joys!!! We’ve clapped and banged pots and pans to say thanks to the NHS and frontline workers for 4 weeks now ! My gosh how that time has flown past this Thursday it was noticeably louder than usual it’s good and it’s also something to do ! Sounds bad but the first time we did it I felt overwhelmed now it’s like oh good something in our day to look forward to. The only thing that’s overwhelmed me this week is the old man captain Tom Moore who is 99 years old and is walking 100 laps around his house to raise money for the nhs before his 100th birthday at the end of April. OMG this old man is lovely I cried at his humanity how wonderful he is, he’s raised 17 million pound so far ! How incredible is that. Now that’s the kind of story we want to hear. My chase the rainbow Bath has hit 1200 followers and I make sure i post something everyday which has a rainbow on it! I’m now running out of things… but I’m still trying to maintain the love and hope across our city, Somerset live did an article on it two weeks ago so that was awesome.

Rob has been putting Santa out on the roof and every day he is doing something different that’s been fun and the locals have been commenting how it lifts their spirits and puts smiles on people’s faces . We try to do our bit.. that is all we can do, that’s all anyone can do is try to make others happy and do your bit for humanity for life for our community for ourselves !

Now What else can I do!??!!

Fancy dress Friday
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