Is it or isn’t it !

So I had noticed that for two days Thomas had started being light sensitive and telling me to close the curtains, he was on his play station so I don’t think much of it. He also had a slight cough but not continuous. This started at the weekend, and on Tuesday he felt unwell had a headache all across his forehead and his was complaining of eye pain, when he moved his eyes. He felt it hard to lift his head.

He had a high temp 38.6 so we started the calpol. That evening his temp was 39.8 so the fans clothing bedding etc came off, the worry is this it or not !! Rob and I both had tight chests and head aches for two days but I put this down to being anxious.

The next morning his temp still remained into the high 39s and he couldn’t lift his head or move his eyes, so I rang 111 for advice, they told me to ring the GPs for advice.

The lovely doctor did a live conference call to checked Thomas over, his temp was 38.9 he said his symptoms are the same as covid 19, apparently head and eye pain and high temp are symptoms, he’s had a cough but not continuous. I try not to panic and ask what shall I do. She said to self isolate for 14 days and if I can’t manage his temp to call 111. She checked his breathing by asking him to count to 30 fast as this can check the breathing and airway and if he needs to gasp for air. This was fine. His temp remained stable in the high 38s the rest if that day, I made him drink lots and he eat small mounts. And slept and watched tv in his room.

Rob and I still having heavy tight chests and headaches also with flushed red hot faces with no temps. I fear the worst and anxiety lifts and I wonder if i might be unluckily! Seams that corona is a lottery to wether you get it mild or severe, there are more cases on tv of younger people contacting it and on ventilation. This prospect I fear the most. I am being governed by fear and anxiety and this is not good. The following day Thomas temp starts to slowly decrease and my bedtime it’s in the high 37s but manageable. He started to act like his old self, but remained having head and eye ache. Resting and playing I am joyous we are over the worst. Rob and I still having the same symptoms I’ve been told covid patients have bright red faces ! And complain of chest pain or tightness as I am convinced I have it. By Sunday I’m having a panic attack I have a moment where I felt I couldn’t breath I felt my legs like jelly and I came over all weird. I rested on the bed and had my inhaler and a antihistamine as the pollen count is high today, I had paracetamol for the heat radiating from my face however my temp remains at 37.5 which in fact is heigh for me as I average on 36.4 most of the time. I burst into tears fearing the worst is this it? I feel like a time bomb waiting to go off ! Have I got it or havent I, mix of emotions in my head, and it’s all a bit too much for me. So I have a little brake down up stairs on my own. Then I pull myself together and finish cooking the tea. I have never felt so unsettled I don’t mind being isolated this hasn’t really bothered me, I have lots to do and I have a garden so I can be outside. It’s the mental torcher of this virus , the death and distruction I wonder if this really happening or is it a plea for the government to control us ! Then I think they wouldn’t be paying our wages etc to stay off work .The death toll is rising rapidly the figures this week in Bath have shot up, 34 deaths so far, we are sheltered from the outside world. I start to get worried when people are walking past the garden thinking don’t breathe in their air. Worried about the food being left for us ! How many people have touched the products etc,it’s a never ending cycle of mental angst. I’m fed up of living in fear when will this ever end. Rob says today he doesn’t think this is ever going to get better this could go on for a year. Omg the thought of that is just overwhelming. We’ve been in isolation for 10 days now and I don’t want my bubble to burst. I don’t want Rob to go back to work I feel safe and In control of my environment, this will be shattered . We will never know if Thomas had it or if we had mild symptoms ! Are we now immune or was that just something else?

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