It’s The world Jim but not as we know it!

I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime , We are all feeling uneasy, some are very scared and anxious ,some are taking it in their stride. Some are sick and some are waiting to catch the virus. I feel as if I’m in a block buster movie, I can see imagines of films pass through my mind Armageddon or an end of the world kind of movies. This is crazy time for the world as we know it. It’s hard to believe this is really happening even though I’m seeing empty shelves in the shops and the news is filled with updates, it still feels like it’s not real!

I know it’s real as my husband has the radio on all day listening to updates I’m sat at the kitchen table the radio is on and I feel as if I’m in a 1940s time warp sat listening to the radio for information , Rob is stood listening intently, it was a weird moment ! The world has gone mad and this is just the beginning. Thomas said to me yesterday mum it feels like we are at war. This is true we are at war with the corona virus. I don’t know what this all means for us as people ! What we know , what we expect has all changed. This change is very delicate and sensitive. My dear friend said to me today I feel god is pressing the pause button! I like that idea, making us reset and take notice of what matters in the world. We need to care for each other love your neighbours, re think how we communicate to each other, change our family time to make it more personal rather than Impersonal being on social media tablets etc. It’s time to reconnect with your self your hobbies. It’s not about materialistic ideas or shopping! We all have to budget now and that lovely dress will have to wait ! This time is for evaluating what is essential in your life! In your fridge and freezer! It’s about problem solving and using that brain.

The virus will hit us all at some point I think that is inevitable, I just hope and pray we don’t lose to many of our elders in our family’s and community’s. I hope we all survive and come out of this with more hope in humanity.

The shelves are empty of toilet rolls, pasta , hand wash and handgel and as the days pass more and more things are beginning to disappear, such as vitamins paracetamol, disinfectant sprays and such like. Imagines of huge supermarkets with rows of empty shelves! panic stirs inside us. 2 weeks ago rob and I went to the local supermarket and the toilet rolls were gone and handsoaps and I had this huge impulse and need for these items, the pandemic need for items is spreading faster than the actual virus. We are being told to self isolate for 7 days if we have been exposed or have symptoms which are a high temp and a consistent dry cough! Unfortunately for me when I am anxious I start to cough! This isn’t good when your in a public place as you can see the fear in everyone’s faces! The governments just announced that all schools will be closed as of end of the day on Friday ? Who knows what this means for teachers and parents, those like myself who have to work on the front line. They tell us not to use our elders to babysit but we our of a nation who relay on our parents to look after the children whilst we have to work ! Real uncertainty fils our home as we try to remain calm cool and collected for our child’s sake. The impact this is expected to have on our economy our businesses our jobs is immense, business will go bust. When you stop to think of say one business such as the local shop who that involves, manager , staff, delivery drivers, banks, postal service. shipping, boats and airplanes fuel and servicing the list is endless all these people are in that link! It floors you to think how is this going to effect them then you stop and think how that will effect us.

It’s a waiting game at the moment we haven’t had many cases yet in Bath and we’re all holding our breath. Rob came home late last night he told me that all the shelves were bare in Sainsbury’s he said ALL the shelves he said there was nothing, not even something that you don’t really want or need, but nothing left! The roads have become quieter less cars on the road which is a blessing, I can even park outside the school !!!

At the school I have watched the pupils and parents dwindling Thomas said there was 24 people weds and thurs 18! His class hold 30 children. Today is the last day he will potentially go to school until the government/ school sorts out teachers to teach him as we are frontline staff! He’s not happy about this as he thought that’s it no more school.. I start a new job in a few weeks so god only knows that will happen to that. I’m half expecting a call to come to work, as I am on annual leave , using my resignation notice. There was a weird ere stillness in the air at school today, not many people there, some teachers are crying and some parents. It feels odd. We take in bags of Easter eggs for Thomas class mates this was a huge welcome from the class they hug Thomas and thank him, it’s just a small gesture we do it every year. But this year it seams to hit home that things are going to be different for a while.

Italian intensive care images on the news of people in space bubble helmets ! Rob gasps at the tv. They all look over 60 and old and males! I see the horror on robs face, I still think the media is aiding to this panic. I think I am in denial or just don’t want to face the realisation that this could be catastrophic. I think the only way to deal with it to be realistic. I have food I have toilet rolls I have prepaid the best i can, what ever meal we eat today I replace the next day.

I’m putting my faith into god, for his protection for his grace and peace to fall over the world, I am praying daily, there’s isn’t much more I can do at the moment, I have offered to help at the local food bank, I have let people know I am here, I have join the voluntary community service and I wait to see what happens next. We face the unknown.

I heard this quote from Micheal Buble “your grandparents were asked to go to war! All we are being asked to do is sit in the couch”! I think we’ve got it pretty easy don’t you !!

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