female camaraderie, they lift you up when your down, they walk with you in times of good and bad.

We decided last minute to go off for two nights, a dear friend lives in Newcastle and us in bath so we meet half way in Derby. We hired a cottage with log fire, in the middle of nowhere. We go for walks we talk and eat and drink. There is no pressure to be anything but yourself. No children demanding your attention. No husband to be mother to, the time is ours. We walked across fields along footpaths past amazing red brick mansions muddy ditches and bogs marching along to the local pub the Swann at Milton. It’s small and very welcoming people stop and chat it’s Friday night and the atmosphere is relaxed. We chat about life all weekend, this is what girlfriends love the most talking about life. What makes us tick, gaining support and advice, realising that we all go through the same things, girlfriends are reassuring non judgmental and welcome your thoughts. We wonder back home to the cottage in the middle of nowhere after a couple of drinks in the pitch darkness of the night with only at our torch we track back through the mud full of giggling and laughter a few slips here and there. We arrive feeling proud we have made it home!

We go for a walk to a near by reservoir with a cafe, thought fields past wildlife horses and sheep, with a huge towers of the power station hanging in the distance. We wonder back after a coffee with fresh air in our lungs, with no sense of time or appointment we just go with the flow of the day. We went for a drive through Repton and onto Willington we found a marina full of barges and lovely shops and art galleries we have lunch in a quaint coffee shop and do what women love best And wonder around the shops and browse. The corona virus hangs over our conversations and we can see dramatic developments on the news and in local social media of shops completely empty of food! so we stop off at Aldi on the way back to see what’s going on in the world. People are limited to 4 items of the same product! Seams very weird and makes you feel an uneasy. That evening we watch crap TV and chat and apply face packs I want to jump up and down on the bed and sing look at me I’m Sandra Dee! Emma teaches me how to crochet and I make a scruffy square but I learnt something new and achieved a small milestone.

Don’t underestimate the power of time out it’s only been 48 hours but it regroups , recovers and refills our souls and enabling us to go forth as the powerful women that we are!

Waking home from the Swann in the dark!
Reservoir walks
The Girlfriends
Paper station towers
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