Coming home

That first flight felt like forever 17 hours crammed into a double decker plane! We noticed loads of people were coughing a lot. We started to get a little paranoid considering the Corona virus ! Robs face said it all. We had some masks and decided to put them on. Thomas was in his element because he had found the football game at the end of the flight over ! So he was straight on to it! He watched films and played games, he slept well for about 4 hours. I managed 2 hours sleep and Rob about 10 minutes. I walked a lot and imagined what it was like to be in 1st class heaven, with the glistening staircase and bottles of posh booze starring back down at us mere poor people! I’ve watched 3 films Ford V Ferrari , A beautiful day in the neighbourhood Tom Hanks, Joker Joaquin Phoenix, the second flight I watched maleficent new one and Whitney Huston’s documentary. I haven’t watched this much TV ever!! We landed in Dubai and lucky for us we booked the airport lounge a nice quiet relaxing area with all you can eat and drink and a shower too! So that was lovely to freshen up and change my clothes. Thomas found a PlayStation in the kids room so he was more than happy. The last 7-8 hours seemed to go quickly after the first long haul we soon touched down in England yes it was pouring with rain and the temp was 10 degrees, everything looked so grey and miserable ! I suppose that’s the contrast from summer to winter in a day. We got home and rob got straight into bed and feel asleep at 7pm now it’s time to re-jiggle our body clocks. What a holiday a life changing experience it’s going to be a big bump back into reality.

Stairway to 1st class heaven
Taking off from New Zealand.
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