NZ Day 19

The final day

Last night I was ill and I slept on the sofa , it’ was absolutely boiling tonight and I needed a breeze. Rob and Thomas shared the bed.

It’s been such an amazing holiday, we have seen so many beautiful places and crammed every moment with memories. It’s been a real pleasure spending good quality time with Joe and Sarah, it’s brought us all closer together as a family. Thomas has loved looking up to his big brother and playing football. It’s been good for us 3 too , to get away from Bath from the mundane. We have grown and done things we can only dream of. I’m sitting in Cornwall park under the shade of the trees listening to the loud sound of the cicadas singing, I have never heard them so loud in my life I have tried to record it for remembrance purposes ! Joe and Rob played football with Thomas. Afterwards we had a drink in the cafe and appreciated the air conditioning it is very hot today. We came home and packed up our things.

We are really not looking forward to the journey home. The long 17 hour flight to dubi we have a 4 hour stop over, then 7 hours to London.

All we can say is goodbye New Zealand it’s been a blast , until next time !

View of my wellington from Cornwall park
Last kiwi I’ve cream
Footie in the park
Sad farewell
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