NZ Day 18

We say goodbye to this amazing apartment number 25 Eleven . We went for a early morning swim, and Packed up and went for Pancakes as it’s was still shrove Tuesday at home ! Joe went for a walk up the mount, we spent a couple of hours taking in the summer sun and the soothing roar of the sea. I feel rejuvenated the healing power of the sea is just incredible. Thomas and Rob played under the shades of the canopies. There is an under 16 swimming bee completion being setup for the next 4 days, they have to swim out and rescue someone, run, swim and body board, it’s a massive event here. So it’s going to be busy here! We took the long drive home through the vineyards and gorges. We arrived at joes home and I came over feeling sick! I was sick and had a bad tummy I spent the rest of the eve in bed and in the bathroom! Not a great ending to the holiday, I felt embarrassed I was ill and had a little cry,

Just hoping our last day is a good one, this whole experience has pushed me out of my comfort zone and I’m happy about that, last night I sent my resignation letter to my boss, it’s time to move on, I’m going through a huge change of direction braking out in all directions,

Looking forward to what life has in store for me ! Hope it’s not more sickness!!

Our appointment
No pancakes
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