NZ Day 16

Loving life

Beautiful day sunshine and sand! We got up early whilst the boys were asleep and took a walk along the beach and contemplated life. No one else on the beach we left two sets of footprints in the sand and I instantly thought of the bible verse. We wondered back slowly. Thomas was up. We had breakfast and spent the day on the beach. The warm sun caressing our bodies the healing power of the rays. I’m already feeling like I’m topping up my energy, then rob reminds me we have to go back home to winter ! Oh gosh really not looking forward to that. We swam in the Pacific sea it was warm. Played football and chilled. It got overly hot at 2 so headed back out of the sun. I went for a walk around the town browsing at shops. Thomas and I went to the pool and played games for about two hours! No one else there so it was lovely and fun. Rob and Joe went looking for places to fish from later this evening the tide is due in at 8pm. We had some tea and headed out toward the island to go fishing the sun was setting and joe had some bites , you have to be so patent and watch and feel the line, he used squid for bate. Thomas found a crab by the rocks and after a long time trying to grab it Rob grabbed it, Thomas was over the moon at least we had a catch. Rob and Joe fished and unlucky for us no fish for tonight’s tea. Rob said why is your hair blue green!! I think the chlorine has messed up my hair! We walk home along the beach feeling content and sun kissed.

Morning walk just us two
Mount Maunganui
More foizbal
Diving for the ball!
Waiting for cake!
brothers x
The crab

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