NZ Day 15

We left joes at 11 ish and went on the last leg of our holiday a 3 hour drive to Mount Maunganui in the bay of plenty,

We passed through some strange old towns and a gorge until we came to the shipping area and then on to the bay. There is a storm looming over head we park up and take a walk along the beach beautiful views with a mount hanging proud next to us. We are staying in an up market apartment we wow at the pure luxury of it, a long awaited welcome for our last 3 nights, lovely rooms with balcony’s. we investigated the swimming pool the sun was shining then all of a sudden the thunderstorm came with giant rain drops and flashes of lighting we watch as this passes over. The thunder was extremely loud it felt exhilarating. The pool is going to be my hang out for the next few days I can now feel like I can completely rest. We went out for fish and chips and afterwards we went swimming in the pool at sunset the pool was very warm and the sunset was amazing tonight, here’s hoping for 3 days of sunshine.

The evening sun set
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