NZ Day 14

Last day in the South Island, our flight leaves at 3pm

So we decided to visit the Antarctic centre, we petted huskies, and went on a backstage pass to meet the blue penguins. they had 16 rescued penguins, they are native to New Zealand they are very small and very cute, we went into an Antarctic set up with real snow and winds the temp dropped to -18 we had shorts on so my knees were very cold ! The red jackets kept you lovely and warm and cosy that was a fun experience. We spent a couple of hours their. Then took the hire car back to the drop off point we have driven 685 miles on our road trip. We are now waiting at the airport for of internal flight back to Auckland.

The South Island has everything you could ask for lakes , beaches, mountains the rain forest, all kinds of terrain. Lovely towns and a huge city. One thing we have noticed is that there is no litter ! Not anywhere! Your shopping is packed in paper or cloth bags ! No plastic. Why can’t England adopt this. No litter on the side of the roads, it really is a clean place. In Christchurch there are electric scooters everywhere you can pick one up and pay to use it to get about, I even watched a nurse zip past probably on her lunch break. The south has a changing climate it’s become warmer the higher up we have traveled, and we haven’t been bitten by mosquitoes the higher up we have travelled too! Which is a welcomed relief. All of the beds we have stayed in have had electric blankets so that would indicate they have a very cold winter?

We safely arrive back in Aukland after an hours flight which was a bit bumpy going back in as it was raining, but still about 23 degrees. We are feeling very worn out, now that we have arrived back at Joe and Sarah’s it doesn’t seam like we’ve been gone for nearly two weeks. The days have gone quickly maybe that’s because we have moved around and seen and done a lot. One night here and then I’m looking forward to going to a hotel with a pool for 3 nights in one place before that epic long journey home, the only benefit is we leave Thursday evening and arrive in London on Friday lunchtime, because of the time difference we go backwards in time.

Pippa the blue penguin
Inside the artic
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