NZ Day 12

Wow what a day we’ve had !

The clouds lifted the and the glacier mountains could be seen at Long last, our helicopter flight was on! We checked in at 9:30am and set off at 10. Thomas and I sat in the front we had the best view. The flight was so smooth my tummy did a somersault over the mountains peeks! But the view was breath taking we went up the icy path and over the top blue and white ice glistening in the morning sun. We couldn’t really believe what we were seeing. We flew over mount cook, and fox glacier and t glacier over jagged edges and sheer drops we set down on the top of fox glacier in the snow, Thomas instantly started making snow balls, the snow was slightly tainted to a grey colour due to the huge bush fires from Australia, the snow felt like ice. It wasn’t cold on that peek you could feel the warm sun. I felt like I was touching heaven. We hooped back on and upwards over the canyons and over the land a magical 40 minutes of sheer wonder and delight. We will never see or do that again, and the pilot told me when she was a little girl she could walk up to the glacier and touch it from the town, global warming has changed that and now you have to fly to it. So when Thomas is a man this glacier might not exist. There are only three mountain glaciers in the world and we’ve flown over two of them and touched one with our own hands. I will never forget this experience. We touched down to land and Rob and I had a little moment of tears of joy.

We went for a coffee and set out on our next epic drive up the west coast and on to Arthers Pass. We stoped at a town called hokitika a very old looking western town this whole place feels as if your in the wild west. Full of jade shops as mining for jade is huge here, we went into a shop and looked at the gold nuggets the lady let Thomas hold a huge piece which must have cost thousands ! From there we joined on to Arthers Pass through long mountainous caverns. We stopped off on the way and visited the devils punch bag! A massive waterfall which was a steep stepped walk all the way up, this was the first time we have ever seen a waterfall in all its glory. We were worn out after that! Hence the name the devils punch bag! We drove past memorable view from the lord of the rings, a rugged big stoned area, where they fight the Orcs with hug dog like creatures. The views were amazing. The drive from Franz Josef took us about 5 hours to a place called Springfield. This is where we we will settle for one night. The house is a 4 bedroomed place it’s lovely just what we needed after a long and fruitful day.

And what a day it was just the best day ever.

Mount Cook
A huge nugget of pure gold
Arthers Pass
Arthers Pass
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