NZ Day 10

We packed up and left the huge farm house. We drove to Okarito lagoon attached to the sea. 3240 hectares of shallow open water, with a vast amount of birds and sand flys! The sand fly’s are just horrendous tiny lack flys with a. Pungent Bite ! We lather our selves in deterrent creams and potions. We went kayaking down the lagoon Joe and Thomas in one boat, rob and I in another and Sarah sailed solo. We had to follow the markers to keep within the marked depths, the markers where large sticks sticking up out of the water, we had timed it just about right as the tide was still coming in we were on the cusp of the tide, and coming back the tide was going out so helped to pull us back to the mainland. We spend 2 hours following the trail, padding past white herons and other birds. The sun just barely braking through, it was a hazy warm wet day. On a clear day this area boast amazing views of Mt cook! But not today since we have been here it’s been covered in rain fog. We paddled back to land where we were given a free cup of tea. Just across from the road roared the sea, the beach sand grey and completely scattered with pale driftwood it looked weird Barron and space like, we felt like we were on a other planet. We collected some drift wood to make a picture when we get home.

We made our way to our next home central franz Joseph flats and lodges, on a campsite full of motor homes. The lodge consists of two bedrooms and a tiny kitchenette and bathroom, it’s comfortable enough.

Rob Joe and Sarah plan to walk up Fox Glacier today Westland tai Poutini national park, a 2 hour walk through vast giant fern and greenery. They Walked to the viewing point, and was rewarded with an inspiring view of the glacier.

Thomas and i has a fun filled afternoon we visited the wildlife centre to see the worlds rarest kiwi. Thomas has fallen In love with them and this was his first encounter of a real one. It was very dark as they are nocturnal creatures they housed only one Rowi she was a baby. We watched her moving about digging the ground with her long beak. She was very big. We moved into a room all about glaciology and finally into the shop! We explored the town and wondered back home for a rest.

The gang come back later all exhausted but happy. Poor Rob feeling the effects of the bites he had endured today. We chilled out at our home for the evening.

At 21:40 Thomas and I joined the free glow worm walk run by the motel. A short walk up on the track In the pitch black we could see little lights glowing in the undergrowth. They looked like star consolations. With the torch shining on them you could see a greenish glow, turn the light off and a yellow light shone bright. It was fascinating. we’ve seen real glow worms how cool.

Zoom in to see glow worms
Okarito lagoon
Family of Kiwis
On the road
Inside a glacier
Thomas new found love
Fox glacier
Sand flies !!!!
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