NZ Day 8

We started the long journey from Te Anau – Haast approx 5 hours drive. We said good bye to the sunshine and headed into the a long and winding road up into mountains, the drive took us through flat lands and eventually we stoped at Wonata this opened up into a beautiful bay with lovely mountainous views around a beautiful lake, a bustling little town with shops are bars, We stoped for a while and had a wonder and play in the park then headed off towards the west coast.

The weather changed and it rained we started to wind through the rain forest with water falls and gorges we couldn’t see the tops of the hills or mountains as they were covered with cloud. We were happy when we finally settled at Haast in heritage park motel, this looks like something out of an American movie, our first time in a motel. It’s not the luxurious homes we’ve just stayed in, it’s the opposite just a room with 3 beds and a bathroom. This is home for the next two nights, we’re questioning if we will stay both nights! The weather is supposed to be clearing tomorrow and the land lord assured me the weather isn’t had as bad as was expected today. There are lots of nice walks and a beach near to we will probably visit these places.

On the road
Rain clouds
On the long and winding road
Viewing stop

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