NZ Day 7

First good nights sleep since we got here, it’s only taken 7 nights to adjust. The mountains had complete disappeared this am covered in clouds. It didn’t take long to blow away. Joe and Sarah and I walked down to the high street to do a spot of shopping and browse ! Rob and Thomas played football in the adjoining school playing field.

We headed off for our afternoon boat trip fioldlands jets, a sped boat through the lakes waterways at high speed with a few donuts thrown in for good measure. We passed 3 areas where they filmed the lord of the rings, and the lake opened up into a larger area with smaller islands in the middle. The depth of the lake is 440kl The was stunning. The water is fresh and clean and we had a drink straight from the lake. We moored up on to a small beach area for 10 minutes to have a look about. Then back into the boat to speed all the way back! This was a 2 hour boat ride It didn’t Seam that long, it was so much fun the time went really fast. on the way back we turned a corner and my hat flew off! The driver turned around to see if we could find it ! When we returned to Te Anau the manager gave me one of their hats ! Result as rob didn’t like my leopard print Vans baseball cap!

We had supper in the fat duck restaurant and wondered down the street and had ice cream for pudding. Time to go home after a full on day we are all feeling worn out and tired. Time to pack up these last 2 days have flown by. In the morning we are off to a place called Haast so heading back up past Queenstown and up toward the glaciers.

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