NZ Day 6

Last night I saw stars like never before a mass of twinkling lights, star consultations that I’ve never seen before because we are on the other side of the world, the moon looks different too and my brother tells me that’s because it’s upside down ! The Milky Way was so intense it blew my mind.

We woke to a cloud hanging over the mountain peeks , every morning had been clear until today, it looked mystical and majestic. We packed our things and said good bye to this beauty place. I was sad to leave. Queenstown has been wonderful.

Our road trip took us on a two hour drive further down south through mountainous valleys, and this opened up to flat lands with lots of cattle sheep, cows and dear , a few gas stations and cafes scatter the way . the place looks like it belongs to the Wild West and some cowboys wouldn’t go a miss. We realised that the towns were built around the gold rush by gold prospectors which came from America in the 1860s. Lining the roads with American style buildings and ranches even old beat up American trucks they have certainly left the imprint of old school America. The mail boxes out side in the street are the same and I could fool myself into thinking I was in America. We arrived in Te Anau it has small strip of restaurants and shops leading down to the lake side, the water here is dark, not bright turquoise like in queens. That was a little disappointing as I love that blue water. Thomas and I played football in the park and the others had a coffee.

We arrived at 12 Worsley street what a house! It’s upside down lay out with bedrooms on ground level and sitting area upstairs with an amazing view looking out into the mountains. it’s decorated in a style that I love with lots of mosaic pictures, and loads of birds I feel completely at home here. We went our for our first meal an Italian and I eat a new dish which I enjoyed, the food was great. We went for a drive after and came home to rest. I have found a new love of chocolate the New Zealand brand is delicious I could happily live here!

150 Alpine retreat
Morsley st
Te Anau
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