NZ Day 5

Robs 50th birthday today and what a place to celebrate this monumental occasion. With jacuzzi in the morning in the mountains. With bunting and banners hung with pride for the birthday boy. A big fried breakfast and then off to Queenstown for a boat trip across the lake.

We boarded the millionaires cruise and sailed the whole length of the lake looking at the million pound homes with the best backdrop possible, the mountain called remarkables which is truly remarkable we can see the top of them from our holiday house. It’s was a lovely bright and sunny morning and the lake is so blue. It’s hard to believe that 2 million years ago this once was ice glaciers standing as tall as the highest peeks, the water is fresh and clear and drinkable. After that lovely trip we went up the gondola cable car to the top of the mountain. This was scary. At the top a range of activities loomed sky diving bumge jumps and the luge a toboggan run. You had to board ski lift to the top. I opted out of that the first time as I really don’t like them, so I walked. Once at the top helmet on and off we went, Thomas had his own machine which he forgot to brake on the first bend with me shouting BREAK at the top of my lungs! Second time I sped down with Joe and Sarah. It was such fun.

We had a coffee over looking the stunning views laid out before us, it made me feel a little dizzy. then back in the cable car back down the mountain! We were all shattered it was very hot today. So off we went back to the house for a lamb dinner and a soak in the jacuzzi.

We sang happy birthday and had a cake what a lovely day. I really love Queenstown and I’d love to retire here. It’s just wonderful, I’m looking forward to the next stop, we leave Queenstown tomorrow and off to Te Anau.

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