NZ Day 4

Today we woke in the beautiful mountains I watched the sun rise above the peeks. The 3 of us jumped into the jacuzzi at 8am it was lovely and warm. We went to Moke lake a spectacular vision of rolling hills mountainous ranges with a huge lake in the middle, the sun was shining and we went for a trek, we decided to take the short path as Thomas can get a bit tetchy. The short path was labelled as an hour walk which later turned into 2-5 hours, the trek took us along a path around the lake, the views were breathtaking. We winded up and down and around the mountain side, it was very hot but we kept going. We felt we have achieved something now I know how Frodo felt trekking to Mordor! . we went to a village named Arrow town a oldy worldy village build in the 1860s the story is that someone found a gold nugget in the stream, so gold panning was the main draw, the village then built around it, it was just like walking into the Wild West, with saloon style buildings, it’s very quaint. We panned for gold and I sneaked of to buy a piece of fools gold, Joe took Thomas off panning and he pretended to find it! Thomas was beside himself jumping up and down for joy. The things you do for your children. We spent a full day out and headed home for a bbq and a soak in the tub.

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