NZ day 3

Today we endured the next leg of our journey, waking at 4am to catch a plane to the South Island to Queenstown. Joe and Sarah are coming with us for the next 12 days so there holiday has just started. We boarded a much smaller aeroplane which felt complete weird and jetted off on a 1.5 hour flight.

The views on the plane were amazing mountainous valleys and peeks of plenty as far as the eye could see, with lakes bright blue in the middle just peering though, we pass over highest mountain at 12300 ft high. With snow on the peeks. Thomas is so excited he can see real snow ! The landscape is completely different then the north island. It looks like the land that has never been touched, unspoilt by humans almost pure in its original state of birth.

We wind through the mountainous tops to land down in Queenstown that was an amazing flight. The town is just breathtaking, every where you look mountain tops, Trees and exquisite views, we take a walk through the park along the waters edge and try to take in what we are seeing, it’s the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

Along with shops and restaurants and a hive of activity all nested into the beauty town. This has exceeded my expectations ten fold. I came here with no expectations and I purposely didn’t research it or look at too many pictures as I wanted to just see it for myself.

We checked into our home up in the mountains just a 15 minute drive from Queenstown, what a place. The views are unbelievable the house is beautiful and luxurious with a hot tub on the veranda. Life can’t get better than this. It’s like being in heaven.

Before flying this am on the way to the airport a song came onto the radio it was be thou my vision, this really uplifted me and I felt that god was with us on this journey, going ahead to lead the way.

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