Looking back

Today’s profound message jumped out at me this am whilst face timing my family back home, you see I’m 12 hours ahead of them. My sister in law said this is weird as I’m already in the future and she is in my past.

This made me think about that statement. Because at that point I could see that this was completely true. Like being in a back to the future movie. Yesterday had already been and gone for me, they sat having supper and I was already in the next day having breakfast.

The past is unchangeable, it’s gone , just a memory. I then listened to my daily prayer podcast sat out side in the crisp mountains of Queenstown, being present. the talk consisted of moving away from the past. A prayer for moving on. I felt this was very apt after my conversation.

Forget what’s behind and strive for what’s ahead, don’t stumble in things that are behind you, don’t let the past diminish your future. do you think your living in the past with it looming over you holding you back from moving forward. If this is so it’s time to let go.

Let go of what’s gone, be thankful for being where you are supposed to be, the past may shape us and help us to grow and even empower us to be strong, say thank you to that situation that has brought you to today because it has helped you, Because with out the trials, the downs the ups and the struggles you have faced today is a new day it’s in the future! It’s time to shake off that dust and walk out with a new outlook. Every day is a fresh start. So go forth today and say goodbye to past hurts, past illness, things that may have changed and shaped a negative outlook on life, face each day with a childlike vision as today all that Thomas my 7 year old wants to do is to sit in the jacuzzi and be happy!

It’s a new dawn a new day !
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