NZ Day 2

We managed to fight back sleeping until it was evening time, Thomas fell asleep at 5pm and woke at 7am that was an epic sleep ! We managed to keep up until 8pm, the sleep was broken it felt like a long time ago when I laid down to sleep.

The hardest part for me was to work out when I needed to take my medication! Passing through different time zones and feeling so tired that it was really confusing, I had taken my tablets just after getting on the second plane in Dubi which I thought was probably morning time! and for the life of me I couldn’t work it out.

Proper first day here and the start of the day was cloudy, we packed our beach bags and Joe drove us Stanmore bay on the east coast. We drove down the high way passed Auckland town with the sky scrapers next to the bay we drove over the harbour bridge. Stanmore bay was just beautiful, no one there it was quiet and maybe that’s because it’s Monday ?

The sun was shining bright and it was hot, the view was stunning, the sea was just perfect, I went for a long walk along the shore line taking in the view, looking at the shells, Rob , Joe and Thomas played football on the beach. The sea lapped lazily against the sand not making much of a roar. It was so peaceful all I could hear was the cicadoidea in the trees, they make a very loud sound like a cricket but magnified by about 3 times. Just a few boats were moored in the sea, and there was a pontoon that you could swim out to. In the distance was a range of green hills set the backdrop.

The sea was a little cold at first but it didn’t take long to feel warm. It was heavenly. We had to sit in the shade as it was getting hot, a bumble bee sat still on my towel and didn’t move, I tried to move it and he just rolled off. so I fed it some juice and after 10 minutes he flew away, there is a huge field behind the bay with goal posts ! So of course the boys played football, walking back across the field Thomas hurt his foot he jumped up and down like a kangaroo. He cried we thought he’d stood on a twig, but he had his first bee sting. To be honest he was really good. I would have been screaming the place down. We dove back along the highway taking in the sites. We had a lovely day now back home for a bbq. Thomas is in his element as Joe has an Xbox with fiffa 19 game! I saw a tiny stick insect on the washing line that was pretty awesome.

Fifa match game
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