New Zealand

So we’ve done it we have arrived we never thought we would get here. We touched down at 11am Sunday morning after an epic journey consisting of over 30 hours of travel leaving home at 4pm Friday ! we have kept ourselves awake to blend in with the time difference, which is so confusing as we are 12 hours ahead of the UK.

We showered and changed and settled in at Joe and Sarah’s house, they have a lovely little place, lots of footballs in the garden so Thomas is happy! The house is a 3 bedroom bungalow it’s wooden built very airy and bright. Everything is done outdoors, eating and socialising, you can hear music being played from someone’s back garden, you can almost feel the happy vibes floating around on the breeze.

we went to the nearest beach mission bay, on the drive we noticed how much like America the layout is, the width of the road and traffic lights and the shops and buildings are one story high and looked very similar To international drive. Palm trees and firs and tropical plants lined the way. We even passed a Wendy’s and dunkin donuts ! The roads were very quite , when we neared the coast you could instantly tell that’s where everyone was.

The beach was beautiful the sea is an amazing blue turquoise colour, and the shop fronts consists of some old 1920s Art Deco style buildings, most of the buildings are one story high, with shades of pinks and blues, I was amazed at how many gazebos I could see, with groups of family’s of all ages having bbqs, gathering together on a Sunday, it was lovely we stopped for our 1st Ice cream which was delicious. The layout consists of the beach with a parade with adjoining the grassy park land, behind that a road and a line of buildings which comprises of restaurants, we played football, there are lots of rugby balls and kids playing that, Thomas manages To get some kids to join in. We played in the park- grassy patch which was sheltered around the edge by trees, Thomas joined in with a much older family group to play cricket, we watched him diving about to catch the ball, he bowled out a few people! And they were so friendly and thanked Thomas for joint in , nice to meet you dude! Rob and Joe played frizby. And Sarah and I watched, I sat and took in the atmosphere sights and sounds. Lots of music playing and people dancing in their groups. There is A big water fountain on the front with kids playing and splashing about, the fountains water jets up really high and the spray drifts in breeze. I am surprised There isn’t a noticeable sent in the air, it’s clean. I Can’t smell fir trees, or the sea. I breath in Deeply as I want to immerse myself into this atmosphere all I can smell a slight aroma of coffee drifting across from Starbucks.

The sand was hot and covered in big shells along the sea shore line, the sea was warm and inviting the water felt cleaner if that’s even possible, l didn’t feel that sticky residue on my skin, the sea was very calm and lapped gently into the beach, with the backdrop of the baby volcano opposite and it’s alive! the bay opened up and twisted around a corner to the left and right I spotted some higher cliffs in the distance , I’m amazed at how flat the land is and your eyes are taken far out across the bay. there is a real noticeable calm vibe about the place, lots of family’s all meeting to eat, play and chill.

The whole place is beautiful the Weather is 24 degrees and hot but not overpowering and very bright and sunny. not many clouds I’n the sky, lots of sailing boats bobbing by. I am a little worried as there is a hole in the ozone layer above us, and it’s extremely important To ware factor 50 sunscreen at all times, Sarah tells me how quickly we will get burnt and how Joe gets free sun cream with his job. It’s a weird feeling knowing that we are touching space, I visualise the world being covered with a Shield, and like in a science fiction movie I can see the beam of light Piercing through a hole above us shooting out into the universe.

We are feeling the effects of flying and we both feel like we have sea legs. When stopping we feel like we are still moving. Thomas falls sleep at 5pm and wakes at 6am the next day, we managed to last out until 8pm, then suddenly my head was bobbing and eyes were blurred it was time to crash.

Brother love
First Ice cream
Baby volcano in the background
Amazing water fountain where the kids played

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