Long Haul

Today we are going on the trip of a life time to the other side of the world! Literally could be further away. New Zealand bound.

The first part of the journey was 6.30 hours long, on emirates airbus, there is more leg room and slightly more space. I’d say it was comfortable ish 7/10

Thomas was so happy he had a games console and his own tv and movies he was on that straight away. He’s had figured out how it worked within 10 mins. We boarded that plane at 21.20 and set off at 22.00 london time. Thomas played games , rob watched old black and white movie Charlie Chaplin and I watched once upon a time in Hollywood this was 3.5 hours long !

After that I watched yesterday that was really good. We had super and breakfast rob and I did not sleep we stayed awake and Thomas finally fell asleep at 1 in the morning

We landed in Dubi this part of the flight was good I could cope well with that. We got off the plane and straight back on the next plane , The captain just announced it was going to take 14 hours ! We thought this leg was 17 hours.

I watched a movie about a golden retriever I cried my eyes out on the plane. My heart was wrenched a story a bit like Marley and me, it’s called The art of Racing in the Rain, if you have a heart for dogs and life watch it , it’s filmed In the dog’s perspective. I’ve watched keeping up with the kardaions that’s some time of my life I will never get back what a load of drizzle.

I watched the greatest showman and now on the greatest hits of Motown with only 6 hours left I’m hoping this will see me through !

It didn’t see me through and I ended up watching ferris buellers day off that was uplifting the plane has 3 live cameras and you can watch from either the tail looking along the length of the plane, or under neath or on the nose. The landing was very interesting watching from the tail and touching down on the run way was scary looked like we would run out of runway!

We cat napped not a good sleep as it near impossible Thomas slept for a couple of hours so that’s good. I found the free chocolate, pretzels and drink midway down the plane! I opted for the bland option on the menu being fussy! Turns out you get fish most meals ! I had a nice slice of pizza and a pastry for breakfast. I’m gagging for a cup of tea but they don’t have decaf.

I’ve been moving my feet the whole time and got up 5 times so far for a walk up and down the plane, not much room on the isle I kept knocking people !

The whole flight wasn’t half as bad as I built up in my head, infact it was ok the last 3 hours dragged on. When we arrived through the gates joe was waiting for us and that was the perfect ending to this epic journey.

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