When your a child a year seems like a very long time until the next birthday comes around. I miss that feeling, the excitement and anticipation of receiving gifts presents of joy, the latest toys or in my case vinyl records or Sindy dolls stuff.

How amazing that felt being young and carefree and you knew what you wanted for your birthday as I would research it look it up in the catalogue or eye up potential gifts in Woolworths. Making a list of wonders.

Now just turning 48 there is no excitement, I don’t want anything, there isn’t anything I need it’s all a bit boring.

I long for that feeling of looking forward to the big day, but all I can think of is being even more closer to 50!

As we grow older the years become shorter, birthdays spring up on me and catch me off guard. It sounds silly but the old saying all you want is health and family rings more true each year. A good heartfelt card is all I long for with worlds of affirmation of devoted love, how wonderful I am to be a daughter , wife a mother or sister. That’s what matters to me theses days, And of corse a cake. The cake remains a favourite of mine, the singing and praise you receive is enough to keep me going all year.

I don’t long for gifts , rather good quality time with my loved ones, the spa with mum and meal with the kids and husband some family time, birthday family supper at the parents. A cup of tea with your friend , You know these things have always mattered but theses days they mean so much more to me. That is what matters and should remain high on everyone’s list. I am thankful for such a kind, caring loving family , And the tiny handful of really special friends I have.

Treasure these moments make them special.

birthdays are wonderful things gathering of loved ones from all ages singing hip hip hooray , hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray.

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