Walkies and Woods

Family Saturday walk in Padley woods. I haven’t been to these woods for many Years, we used to walk Benson there when he was a young dog, and now we’ve gone full circle with Buddy.

It’s lovely just spending time with each other in the fresh air being out in the countryside feeling connected with nature. We stoped and listed to our surroundings listening to the birds singing, the trees rustling , the brook babbling and splashing.

Connecting is life, connect to your surroundings to other living things people , trees, the environment it’s so uplifting. It’s was very muddy and climbing up the hills was a little challenging in places, and my husband reaches out his hand, warm and big to guide and stabilise me, contact and connection holding a hand for a few moments, we share many kisses whilst passing through the kissing gates, a tradition we started 13 years ago , those small moments make you feel loved. Thomas carries a big piece of moss calling it his new pet and remarkably named Gerald ! He carried this for ages before settling it down in a nook on the bank. He made a connection with the earth.

Thomas and Gerald

It’s an amazing example of child like passions and empathy to other things, he really makes us laugh.

Buddy weaves in and out along the track following sent of rabbits or badgers. He jumps and skips in doggy heaven. Chasing sticks and getting muddy. We all walk together following each other connected in this wonderful moment. Feeling like we’ve achieved something even if it was only an hours hike around the woods, it makes us feel like we’ve done something, instead of wasting a Saturday at home sat on the sofa. Now we all feel content.

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