Life !

so what’s it all about ! My brother would say it’s number 42 the meaning of life and the universe and all that. Any guesses where that comes from ?

some would say life is life ! Does that mean there is nothing in between. What does that even mean!!

life is a life force that grows within you from the moment of conception, when the sperm penetrates that egg and magic is formed and life begins. I know this first hand as I had IVF for my son. I was given a picture of the embryo 2 days old which was divided into 4. Now that is life and how it started. And I have the photo to prove it.
life for me is a spiritual journey of faith and hope and togetherness. It’s about making connections with the universe. With people with living things even if that loving thing is a plant or a tree or cat or a dog it’s still alive and living. It’s about breathing deeply and stopping for a while. Taking in what’s going on around us. Life is for living and most of us just let it pass us by. Like Ferris Bueller said Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. This is so true. I just wish we would incorporate this into daily living. But life moves fast these days, people don’t have Time to stop , and we wonder why mental health and anxiety is growing and becoming an epidemic.
think about how you can stop even if this means stopping for 10 minutes a day to truly connect to your surroundings your kids your husband or wife, or just stop and breath in the fresh air! Take a moment because in the scale of life that’s all we are a moment in time passing by.
so do it now ..,,,,,,

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