Today I sat talking to my 87 year old Nan who for the record acts like a 60 year old, who has all her faculties and is mobile and completely able bodied. She puts my 47 year old being into shame! She has lived a Long exciting life and still continues to go out and enjoy herself and looks forward to new adventures.

I helped to change her curtains today she spent over £500 on brand new ones last week on our trip it to Dunelm !! Nan was happy she likes spending her money, and I like it more knowing that she is buying what she wants and not Squirrelling it away and saving it as inheritance for her children. She is an amazing woman having 7 children and over 30 odd grandchildren and god knows how many great grandchildren I have lost count ! I am the oldest grandchild first born from her first born son Clive.

Nan made a lemon meringue pie as she knew I was coming to hang her new curtains today, afterward we sat and looked at old photos , she is making a box for each of her children something to leave them in her memory ,adding the photos of each of them into the boxes. She was a beautiful woman with a sparkling smile, she still has the twinkle in her eyes and as we talked she came alive even more. We looked at photos from the 50s,60s,70s. Laughing at hair and glasses and clothes. I noticed she always looked good well turned out, she’s exactly the same now, unless you catch her at home on a cleaning day then she wares her trackie bottoms and T-shirt’s.

Spending time with her talking listening and getting to know her gives me a sense of contentment , i just imagine how this time makes her feel being able to chat freely and relive moments in her life that she had forgotten, she knows she’s passing on her legacy so she goes into more detail, and she’s passing it onto her eldest grandchild. I sit and listen intently asking questions to prompt more information.

It doesn’t take long to feel connected to someone, connecting is life.

as I’ve said before life is short , take some time to stop and look, you could be missing out, and missing out on your families Gems. Don’t put off what you can do today make memories, gain new knowledge about where you’ve come from. Because one day you might regret that you didn’t take the time. These moments are special so treasure them.

My Nan and dad (Clive) & baby Angie in the 50s
Nan in the middle 1967
Mrs chambers to the left, Mrs Lewis to the right
Man on the left in the 70s with friends

Nan in the 40s Grandad took this photo with him when he went into the army
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